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The concrete planters can improve quality of life for residents. For this reason it is an essential piece of outdoor street furniture for public places.

The benefits of plants in urban environments are widely recognized, improving both the health and well-being of city dwellers. It is for this reason that Francioli has developed a broad range of concrete planters of all types: planters suitable for flowers, bushes and shrubs and planters which help local authorities with their urban landscaping projects. 

In addition to the benefits for humans, concrete flower boxes and planters installed in urban environments help to enhance a city's public spaces and heritage.

Whatever your requirements, Francioli offers concrete planters in a variety of designs to blend in with all types of architecture. Are you looking for round, semicircular, rectangular, square or hexagonal planters? Francioli's wide range of concrete planters will help you find the right unit for your project.

We also offer a comprehensive choice of colours and finishes to complement your outdoor urban environment: sanded concrete, painted concrete, imitation wood, smooth finish, and even planters with LEDs. 

Available in a multitude of styles and sizes, concrete planters are easy to integrate into town centres and green spaces and can help create spaces with rural, modern, contemporary or futuristic overtones.

Francioli also offers concrete planters with seats for greater convenience for residents and visitors. They combine the comfort of a bench with the reassuring pleasure of being close to vegetation in a city centre.

The concrete used to make our planters and plant holders is able to withstand all kinds of weather (UV, rain, frost, etc.), as well as vandalism.

Concrete planters: tips and advice


A variety of collections for sustainable decoration

Francioli invites you to view its comprehensive range of concrete planters, all adaptable to a variety of urban spaces through their sustainable design.

It is essential for a town to provide colourful and pleasant spaces both in summer and winter, even during the cold seasons; Francioli's concrete planters and planter boxes help to improve the quality of life of residents in all weathers.


The advantages of concrete planters

Using concrete planters as street furniture provides a number of benefits. Concrete planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can hold a wide variety of plants and shrubs.

What is more, the concrete used in the design of our products is of excellent quality, making them very hard-wearing and mechanically strong. 

As a result, Francioli's concrete planters can stand the test of time in the face of impacts and poor weather conditions (wind, rain, hail, snow, UV rays, etc.). 

Francioli's concrete planters are extremely sturdy and, thanks to their high density and substantial weight, are unlikely to be knocked over by storms or vandals. 

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