How can we improve the cleanliness of a city?

15 nov 2022

Cleanliness is an integral part of urban planning for every French town. It is a highly important issue for town councils; a town’s level of cleanliness has an impact on residents and visitors alike.

To keep civic areas clean, cities are investing in concrete litter bins and public ashtrays, they are also optimizing waste collection management using bin shelters.

How can you improve the cleanliness of a town with Francioli's street furniture?

How can we keep public spaces clean ?

Environmental issues are increasingly on the agenda when it comes to the cleanliness of a public places and spaces in towns.

Investment in cleaning staff and high-quality street furniture is required to guarantee respect for the environment and to improve user well-being and comfort in public spaces.

These elements are required to maintain levels of cleanliness in public places such as streets, parks, squares and gardens.

The cleanliness of public spaces remains a challenge for many towns, even though it improves the everyday lives of the residents. The cleanliness of a public space will depend on the behaviour and civic-mindedness of the local residents, as well as the day to day work of municipal employees.

However, the town or city must provide them with the necessary waste collection equipment to enable them to do their work.

Concrete litter bins

The litter bin is the first piece of equipment that springs to mind when thinking of urban cleanliness. The concrete litter bin is a key element in a city's range of street furniture.

While it sounds easy, installing urban litter bins in a city is not an easy task. First we must consider the relevant locations where they could be installed.

It is also important to install a sufficiently large number of litter bins to meet the needs of the users. This figure can be calculated according to the type of location and the number of people passing through.

Various types of concrete litter bin are available to make it easier to integrate them into the urban landscape (modern, letterbox or other), depending on the surroundings.

What is more, public litter bins are designed to remain outdoors all year round. They must therefore be highly resistant to weather, to wear and to vandalism. To achieve this, Francioli only manufactures concrete litter bins, which provide strength and durability over time.


Public ashtrays

Cigarette smoking is another source of cleanliness issues, in addition to conventional/household waste collection.

This type of waste cannot be stored in conventional concrete litter bins and requires extra levels of cleanliness.

Public ashtrays are the ideal solution to prevent smokers littering by throwing cigarette ends on the ground.

As with litter bins, we need to think about the distribution of these products to best meet the needs of users. Logic dictates that the greater the number of concrete ashtrays installed, the greater the overall cleanliness of a community.

Francioli offers a range of public ashtrays to facilitate integration into the urban landscape.

Bin shelters

The cleanliness of a town can also be impacted by bins that are overflowing or upturned by the wind or vandals.

As well as potentially causing contamination (if litter overflows from the bins), these bins can also obstruct pavements. They often don’t blend into the urban landscape well (visual pollution).

We offer a comprehensive range of waste pre-collection equipment to help overcome these problems. The range includes 3 different types of bin shelter to for a variety of requirements (public places, built-up areas, etc.).

Our bin shelters are comprised of concrete blocks which provide protection for conventional wheeled bins. They prevent users from handling the bins, but provide access to the hatches through which household waste can be tipped.

Francioli bin shelters are designed to work with waste sorting systems to facilitate collection and recycling in your town.

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