Maintenance of public toilets

With over 900 satisfied customers and 35,000 cleaning visits performed each year in Île-de-France alone, Protecsan is a trusted partner in the maintenance of public toilets.

Through Francioli’s sister company, Protecsan, Citygie can also provide maintenance services for public toilets and offers a guaranteed cleaning service for public toilets, in conjunction with the town’s technical team.

Protecsan provides support for the management of public toilets for communities and public service operators, in the form of cleaning contracts for all public sanitary facilities.  

Today, over 900 customers trust Protecsan to operate their sanitary facilities. Each year, our company performs approximately 35,000 cleaning visits in Ile-de-France alone. 

Public toilets at rest area

The importance of maintaining public toilets


Toilets are highly frequented facilities which are often used by people on the move. It is therefore essential to establish regular cleaning and maintenance policies to avoid the appearance of germs and bacteria. Maintenance of toilets helps to keep the modules in good working order.

Protecsan can help you provide your community with sanitary facilities which are cleaned on a regular basis. It all starts with the toilets themselves, which have automated floor cleaning systems. You can then take out a cleaning contract according to the established specifications. 

Cleaning contract


Cleaning contract for the interiors and exteriors of public toilets:

  • Cleaning contract: provided by us or sub-contracted with a set of strict specifications based on our extensive experience.
sanitaires publics canet

Contact us 


If you need more information, contact our team of maintenance specialists to discuss which solutions may fit your requirements.  

Phone : + 33 (0)9 73 31 82 45

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