Francioli: concrete street furniture and public toilets

19 déc 2022

The Citygie group, through the Francioli brand, has been involved in urban development for the last 35 years. As a manufacturer of public toilets, street furniture and bin shelters for French town councils, Francioli chose concrete as the ideal structural material for its products.

Given its characteristics, concrete can be used for a wide range of public amenities including toilets, bollards, litter bins and ashtrays.
Find out why Francioli uses this material for its public toilets and street furniture.


Why use concrete furniture in public spaces?


Installing street furniture is not a simple task for town councils as a number of criteria must be met, such as robustness and durability over time.

This is one of the reasons why concrete is so well-suited to the various types of appliances used in public spaces. As robust as it is stylish, most Francioli products are made from concrete.


Intrinsic qualities



In addition to guaranteeing a long service life for street furniture and toilet, concrete has a clean, contemporary style and provides a certain degree of cachet.

Available in both neutral and coloured versions, it blends perfectly into the urban landscape providing a high quality appearance.



Being outdoors, both street furniture and public toilets are subject to the vagaries of the weather.

Francioli's range of stamped and polished concrete products are highly resistant to weathering and seasonal temperature changes, making them an easy choice for town councils.

What is more, furniture and toilets made from concrete are also highly resistant to vandalism in the community.


Easy-to-clean material

Another advantage of concrete street furniture and public toilets is that they do not get dirty and require no special maintenance.

Products intended for public spaces can be cleaned using high-pressure washing systems if required.


Francioli concrete street furniture

Our range of street furniture for local authorities consists exclusively of shaped concrete products.


Passenger shelters

Our passenger shelters are the perfect solution for protecting residents from the elements while they wait for public transport.

Glazed, large and small models and models with roofs, our passenger shelters feature concrete structures enabling them to withstand strong gusts of wind and other climatic hazards.


Concrete benches

Whether stamped or polished, concrete benches are a traditional model of street furniture. When installed around a town, concrete benches enable walkers to rest for short periods.

Francioli's public benches are a available in a variety of shapes and are sturdy and attractive enough to enhance any park, garden or public square.


Concrete bollards

Concrete bollards create safe pedestrian areas and can also be used to restrict access to motorized vehicles.
As well as being practical and durable, some bollards can also act as seats


Concrete planters

A concrete planters is the ideal way to protect your flowers and other plants.
Concrete planters can help you to transport beautiful floral creations to public spaces.

Concrete public ashtrays

As practical for users as they are beneficial for the environment, Francioli's concrete ashtrays are designed to improve the cleanliness of a town.
Our public ashtrays are made from sturdy concrete, they are fireproof and are a durable solution for collecting cigarette ends.

Concrete litter bins

Our city-centre litter bins are made from very long-lasting concrete.
They are highly resistant to vandalism and are easy to keep clean, something which is not necessarily true for other materials.

Designer furniture

Our range of designer furniture is ideally suited to contemporary urban spaces. Made from concrete for even greater durability, our designer chairs and benches have clean lines to enhance public spaces.

Francioli public toilets

Manufactured in the form of pre-fabricated blocks, all our public toilets are almost entirely made from concrete.
We can offer solutions that are modular, environmentally-friendly and sustainable over time, ideal to meet the needs of local residents.
With 3 distinct ranges of public toilets (single-cubicle, multi-cubicle and integrable), Francioli also offers automated toilets that meet the needs of local authorities.
Made from concrete and fixed on suitable foundations, our automated toilets are perfectly suited to outdoor environments. Highly resistant to weather and vandalism, our modular solutions are built to last.

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