Public toilet maintenance is one of Francioli's main concerns. For reasons of comfort, durability and public health, Protecsan (a sister company of Francioli) provides maintenance and cleaning services for public toilets.

Over 900 customers have entrusted the operation of their facilities to Protecsan. We can provide services anywhere in France thanks to our fleet of maintenance vehicles and our network of subcontractors trained in-house. Our mobile technicians can respond within a maximum time frame of 72 hours (customers holding maintenance contracts). 

One-piece sanitary facilities in a park

Remote oversight


The Protecsan team works in close collaboration with the Francioli factory to help equip public toilets with remote maintenance solutions. 

Remote control systems can be used to adjust the floor washing frequency and opening times of the sanitary facilities, to gather visitor statistics and to provide instant alerts for malfunctions and low stocks of cleaning products. 

Maintenance contracts


To maintain technical equipment and help customers manage their toilet facilities, Protecsan offers 2 types of contract: 

  • Preventive maintenance contract: 2 annual inspection visits to check the comfort and safety of the toilets.
  • Global maintenance contract: 2 annual visits for inspection and repairs, including travel, parts and labour (excluding damage due to vandalism).
White and blue public toilets in Cannes

Contact us 

If you need more information, contact our team of maintenance specialists to discuss which solutions may fit your requirements.  

Phone : + 33 (0)9 73 31 82 45

Email address :

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