Francioli’s public toilets are designed to operate autonomously. However, our facilities are subject to certain malfunctions that can cause inconveniences and health risks for users. In addition to the hygiene problems caused by a breakdown, user comfort may also be affected. The smallest malfunction can make the toilets unusable.

Single-cabin washroom close to play area

Repairs and troubleshooting with Protecsan


That's why it's important to have a help desk available to respond to problems. Protecsan, Francioli's sister company, provides customers with rapid toilet repair services. During 2022, Protecsan carried out 2,000 repair operations on toilets at SNCF train stations.

Under the maintenance contract, our technicians must resolve all hygiene problems within 72 hours: unpleasant odours, clogged toilets and sinks, leaks and malfunctioning automated washing systems. 

Improving quality of life


Public toilets are an important part of urban infrastructure. Our rapid-response times for breakdowns and faults ensure that user convenience and quality of life are not disrupted for too long.

Public toilets

We listen to our customers  


If you experience a one-off fault or faults and malfunctions on a more regular basis, do not hesitate to contact our troubleshooting specialists to schedule a visit.   

Tel: + 33 (0)9 73 31 82 45

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