Public toilets

Public toilets

Modular, fully operational public toilets

To maintain a clean, organised living space, Francioli public toilets become part of the urban space and meet many criteria, especially in terms of safety, accessibility for disabled people, resistance to vandalism and environmental protection.

Our public toilets are designed with concrete, which makes them robust and highly resistant to the weather and uses. We can offer several solutions: single-cabin and integrable toilets and toilets intended for rest areas for travellers. For reasons of simplicity, we also offer a modular toilet solution. We pay particular attention to the finish quality of our products for furniture that matches the image of communities. For this reason, we also have several customisable public toilets intended for parks, public squares and broad urban streets.

Contact us so that we can help you in designing your public toilet installation project and offer you the best solution to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to view the plans for products and foundations?

    The single-cabin toilets offered by Francioli are the only products for which the plans are available online. You can view or download PDF documents showing the plans and foundations for each product directly from our site.

  • How can we fight against vandalism of urban equipment?

    Francioli employs a variety of methods to ensure its products are highly durable. Anti-graffiti treatment, the use of concrete, non-use of tiles, the use of unbreakable materials and stainless steel for “vulnerable” equipment, these are some of the measures we employ to counter vandalism. 

  • How do we make sure equipment is impeccably hygienic?

    A variety of innovations can now be employed to ensure cabins are have excellent hygiene levels. Toilets are equipped with automatic flushing systems, disinfection tracking systems and seat drying after use. Inside the cabin: automatic floor washing, an air purification system and a high-performance ventilation system provide impeccable hygiene.

  • How do we ensure users are safe and well protected?

    In order to guarantee protection for users, Francioli supplies manual door-opening devices and automatic unlocking after 15 minutes. Additional user safety is provided by preventing access to valves and pipes. 

  • Which standards does the equipment comply with?

    The cabins offered by Francioli conform to all standards currently in force. Conformity is guaranteed in that they are rated M0 for fire performance, they are accessible to persons with reduced mobility and they are fitted with electronic safety systems. 

  • Can the cabins offered by Francioli be customised.

    As people have different needs in terms of the functionality and ergonomics of equipment and appearance, the majority of our cabins are customisable, they can be integrated into all environments and meet all requirements.