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Thanks to a remote management system, Hexabox toilets can reduce maintenance costs. As well as enabling opening and closing times to be programmed, the operation (lighting, toilet flush, soap, hand dryer) and maintenance (disinfection, drying, floor washing) systems are fully automated. This is an ideal solution that saves valuable time and costs.


The economical solution for public toilets

Contemporary, lightweight and robust, this French-made, prefabricated one-piece sanitary unit is the economical, designer solution for your public toilets. They meet all current standards, including the accessibility requirements for PRMs (persons with reduced mobility).
Their modern designs enable them to blend perfectly into public spaces. They are available in a variety of exterior finishes including natural wood and wood composite. 



  • Made in France
  • PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) accessibility
  • Prefabricated single-block toilets
  • Complies with all current standards
  • Polyester interior structure
  • Exterior wood or composite finishes
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Remote management



  • Free access
  • Push-button door opening and closing from the inside
  • Automated flushing, disinfection and drying
  • Automated floor cleaning
  • Automated soap and water dispenser and hand dryer
  • Timer for programming opening and closing times
  • Automatic door unlocking after 15 min


  • Hand-washing basin, stainless steel bowl
  • Tank fitted with a booster compressor
  • Remote management using an online module
  • Mechanical ventilation system and frost protection
  • Disinfection kit


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Frequently asked questions

The plans of the various toilet blocks offered by Francioli can be viewed. The product sheets for each model of toilet block presented on our website are available for viewing and downloading.

Francioli has developed effective techniques and equipment to combat vandalism in public facilities. Our toilet blocks are constructed in concrete, an extremely robust and durable material that can withstand vandalism.

Francioli ensures that the hygiene of its various public toilet blocks remains impeccable by incorporating a range of innovative technologies. Our self-cleaning toilets are equipped with automated flushing systems, as well as seat disinfection and drying systems that activate automatically after each flush. The cubicle itself features an automated floor-washing system which activates after each use, as well as an air purification system and a high-performance mechanical ventilation system. The use of this equipment enables Francioli to guarantee absolute hygiene for its various models of toilet blocks.

Francioli ensures that users of its public toilets remain safe and protected by installing a range of special equipment. For example, manual door opening systems and automatic door unlocking after 15 minutes are standard features for toilet blocks. User safety inside the single-cubicle unit is also guaranteed by the installation of non-slip flooring and inaccessible piping and fittings. These precautions guarantee that the users of Francioli toilets remain safe and protected.

The public toilets designed and distributed by Francioli comply with all current standards, particularly NF P 99-611, which has been in force since 1992 and specifies the various accessibility requirements to be met by PRM toilets (minimum dimensions, special equipment, etc.). Our single-cubicle units are also M0 fire-rated and their electrical safety is checked rigorously.

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