Installation of energy-saving toilets in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo

Francioli installs French-made water-saving toilets


Three public toilet cubicles have just been installed in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo: Place Beaucorps (the Church car park), AR VRO beach district and Quai du Guildo (the car park at the end of rue des Pierres Sonantes). 

The cabins for Saint-Cast-le-Guildo were designed and pre-fabricated by Francioli at its Chaleins (01) plant. They were transported to the sites in pre-fabricated and were installed in a single day, so avoiding work that could have had a detrimental effect on town-centre traffic. ""Francioli manufactures its products entirely in France. This is an important criterion in the current context, one in which local authority spending is tight, and must also go towards economic recovery”, explains Francioli’s sales representative, Olivier Patron.

Safe and water-efficient


Toilets must comply with the local authority's mission to guarantee the safety of both persons and property. However, toilets are frequently the target of vandalism and bad behaviour which can damage the image of the community. Modern toilet facilities are graffiti-proof and connected to the Web, their opening times are therefore programmable. 

All our facilities have cubicles that comply with PRM standards. Both the community and Francioli were also concerned about the environmental aspects of the toilet facilities. Water management for the new cabins is optimized as far as possible: multi-function automated hand-washing stations using person detection (contact-free for greater hygiene).

These facilities are essential both for locals and for the large number of tourists visiting the resort each year. Public toilets must meet an exacting set of specifications. We were determined to replace three of our units, and the stimulus package helped us to do this. We were already familiar with Francioli’s products, having installed one of their units a few years earlier. They have the advantage that they are always clean! In the current health context, we felt it was important to maintain these high standards.

Franck Ducastel, Director of Regional Planning

Installation of energy-saving toilets in Saint-Cast-le-Guildo

Saint-Cast-le-Guildo has a population of 3,315, but in summer that can rise to 35,000 people a day. To improve the experience for holidaymakers, the municipality entrusted Francioli, a member of the Citygie group, with the task of designing and installing three new public toilets.


  • Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo
  • Public toilets
  • Décembre 2022

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