14 Francioli public toilets installed in Grenoble

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The city of Grenoble has often been criticised for its dirty streets. To address this issue, Mayor Éric Piolle and the city of Grenoble have decided to install 14 of our public toilets, which are more environmentally friendly and accessible than the previous models.


Why should you install Francioli public toilets?


The city of Grenoble chose our toilet blocks because they offered a number of advantages:

  • More environmentally friendly thanks to better water management procedures. Public toilets with smaller tanks and better pressure consume less water.
  • Better accessibility. The city of Grenoble has made a point of ensuring that all its toilet facilities are free and accessible to everyone. All 14 toilet blocks installed are therefore adapted to persons with reduced mobility (PRM).
  • Cleaner. Their toilet facilities were previously cleaned between one and three times a week. From now on, Protecsan will conduct between 5 and 11 maintenance visits per week.

These state-of-the-art public toilets can also be managed remotely in order to guarantee user safety and to control the water consumption of each individual unit.

Antoine Back, an elected official of the City of Grenoble

Toilets that are easier to maintain. The water tanks are smaller and have better pressure meaning that less water is used. Of the 42,000 cubic meters of water consumed by public toilets alone, a large proportion of that is lost by leaks.

Antoine Back, An elected official of the City of Grenoble

14 Francioli public toilets installed in Grenoble

To strengthen its policies around urban cleanliness, the mayor of Grenoble decided to change the service provider handling the installation and maintenance of the city's toilet facilities. He chose Francioli to install the facilities and to maintain them on a weekly basis.


  • The City of Grenoble
  • Public toilets
  • Décembre 2022

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