A major topic in urban planning circles

Sustainable development and inclusion in public spaces are becoming increasingly important topics in the field of urban planning. Citizens are asking for increased commitment from local authorities regarding these issues.

Greening, energy sobriety, the biodiversity of urban flora and fauna and air quality are all themes which are now at the heart of urban development thanks to climate change.

What is more, local authorities must maintain exemplary levels of service for their inhabitants while adapting the city for use by a diverse range of people and taking into account the needs of specific audiences: persons with reduced mobility, families and young children, the elderly, people in vulnerable situations, tourists, etc. 

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Both Francioli and the Citygie group are committed

The Citygie group is inherently innovative and designs and develops facilities and solutions to serve agile cities, helping to make the public space more sustainable and inclusive.

To achieve this, Citygie group oversees the industrial manufacturing of its products from start to finish, enabling it to offer tailor-made, high-quality products. They are constructed from robust and durable materials, all sourced from within a radius of 50 km from our production site located in Ain.

Our group was the first pre-cast concrete manufacturer to adopt the use of low-carbon concrete based on CEM-III/A cement. We are also developing solutions to reduce the quantity of water used by our sanitary facilities at every stage. Remotely controlled washing of cubicle floors, mixers with presence detectors and the development of toilets which are autonomous in terms of water use, are all examples of actions that we are taking in this direction.

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