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Concrete bollards for traffic regulation

Concrete bollards can effectively regulate the flow of pedestrian traffic in public spaces. With a wide choice of products available in all shapes and sizes, concrete bollards can be used to demarcate different areas of a public space with ease. 

Concrete bollards can also be used in car parks and to separate pavements and roads. Concrete bollards are a sustainable street furniture solution.

We specialize in the design of ultra-resistant, long-lasting street furniture: the concrete used in making these products is highly stable and resistant to impacts and vandalism.

Beyond their primary function of organizing the use of public spaces, our concrete bollards also integrate perfectly into the urban environment thanks to their aesthetic appeal: learn more about our wide choice of round, conical and triangular bollards. Depending on their shape, concrete bollards can also be used as urban stools for people wanting to rest for a few minutes.

Concrete bollards: safety, aesthetics and durability

Francioli’s concrete bollards blend seamlessly into public spaces to help protect pedestrians and to secure their perimeters. Concrete bollards are available in several shapes. They are aesthetically pleasing and do not detract from the urban environment in which they are installed.  

Concrete bollards are very hard-wearing. Concrete is a material which is well known for its durability and resistance to vandalism and bad weather conditions (rain, wind, UV rays, etc.).  

When fitting out a town you can coordinate your concrete bollards with other products from our Street Furniture range:  
Planters, benches, bin shelters, litter bins, passenger shelters and concrete tables are just some of the other ranges of street furniture you can view on our website! 

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