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Learn more about the models of urban litter bins in our range of street furniture.

When distributed around public spaces, concrete litter bins help to keep public areas clean and help to protect the environment.

Installing litter bins considerably reduces the amount of rubbish discarded on public roads, thereby improving the quality of life for residents. This goes hand in hand with the installation of ashtrays. Streets and pavements around shops, public squares and exteriors in general are kept cleaner and more welcoming.

Concrete is as strong as steel and is an ultra-resistant material widely used in public spaces. Concrete litter bins are an essential piece of street furniture. They are available in a wide range of designs and with a number of different features: with and without ground anchors, stainless steel lids, baskets, with and without doors, capacity of several litres, bins with shelters, etc. 

Francioli, a well-known manufacturer of concrete street furniture, presents its selection of products to keep communities clean.


Why not try out participatory urban planning? An increasing number of cities are taking an interest in these types of management systems. Allowing residents to express their views and contribute ideas about the design of their living spaces can be a true source of inspiration for local authorities. 

As they use these spaces every day, they are best placed to discuss issues and to find the most appropriate solutions.

Litter bins in public spaces are essential to ensure that cities remain clean, healthy and pleasant places to live in. It's important that their number and capacity are appropriate for the number of people using the site.

We offer a wide range of products for all street furniture projects. You will find concrete tables, concrete planters, concrete bollards, bin and passenger shelters and concrete benches.

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