Street furniture is booming

01 nov 2022

Improving green spaces

Green spaces decorated with planters, trees and seating, provide spaces where people of all ages can rest and relax. Maps and information panels in parks give people a reason to stop and then to explore their surroundings on foot.

Inner-city plants and trees provide a number of environmental, economic and social benefits. Plants help soften the landscape, creating a more pleasant setting. During summer, trees also help cool the streets by providing shade.


Making cities cleaner

Installing litter bins and ashtrays on the streets is the best way to ensure that public spaces are kept clean and tidy.
The strategic placement of litter bins and ashtrays enables pedestrians to dispose of their litter quickly and easily. Cigarette butts and dog droppings are unfortunately a common sight on modern city streets. The installation of specialized bins for these types of waste is an important step in preventing the problem, it also encourages people to dispose of their rubbish more responsibly.


Encouraging bicycle use

The provision of safe and secure bicycle parking facilities encourages people to cycle more. It also gives more people the opportunity to visit cities and public spaces in an environmentally friendly way. Cycling helps reduce pollution levels and is a cheaper way to travel.

With just a few minor design changes, town planners can radically improve the appearance of outdoor spaces. Choosing the right street furniture, including benches, litter bins, planters and bollards, can help improve the appearance of public spaces and make them focal points for towns and villages.


Concrete street furniture by Francioli

Francioli, a specialist in concrete infrastructure, also designs and manufactures street furniture. We can provide a complete range of street furniture for your communities: benches, picnic tables, bollards, concrete planters, litter bins and ashtrays, passenger shelters, etc.

Our varied ranges of outdoor furniture blend perfectly into communal spaces. Francioli has chosen to use concrete for its intrinsic qualities: design, strength and ease of maintenance.

Street furniture can enhance any public space. Although designed to blend in with the surroundings, the right street furniture can influence the appearance, character and perception of a place.

As an increasing number of people use online shopping websites, it is becoming increasingly important for communities and businesses to attract people to town centres and public spaces for reasons other than shopping. A well-designed shopping street or public space can create a genuine sense of community. It can also improve the social experience and attract more people to a town centre.


A challenge for public spaces

Cities are both growing and evolving. To attract new residents, they focus on providing services, shops, innovation and attractive public spaces. Street furniture is now a genuine concern for cities. What are the consequences? Cities are becoming increasingly modern and focusing on design and the environment. Urban spaces must not only be functional, they must be sufficiently attractive enough to make a city dynamic and pleasant to live in.

Street furniture used to be designed to be functional and was not a priority for planners. Furniture has now become an important aspect as it is considered to reflect the city's image. A deteriorating, ageing urban space is obviously going to make people less inclined to invest than a well-designed, pleasant one.

Benches, ashtrays, bike racks... everything must be designed to make life easier for the residents while blending in perfectly with the urban surroundings. Many towns and cities are currently updating their street furniture to improve life for their residents.


Helping to improve traffic flow

If used correctly, bollards can reduce traffic speed and impose restrictions. When used as traffic control systems they also help to reduce road accident numbers. They also improve general safety (for pedestrians in particular). Bollards can be used to create restricted areas in pedestrian zones, to which vehicles of a certain size cannot enter. This creates safer spaces for people to socialize in.

Bollards are not just for traffic control, concrete planters can also be used as a natural traffic calming solution. Large planters in pedestrian areas help to limit vehicle access, further enhancing the public's sense of security.


Improving socialization and user-friendliness

Public benches are not necessarily considered to be essential elements in the urban landscape. However, installing benches in public spaces can reinforce a sense of community and increase the number of social interactions. A well-designed outdoor space can create an attractive setting for a city's residents. Carefully placed benches and seats create a space which encourages rest and interaction. Surrounding these benches with planters and trees can improve the ambience even further.

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