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Concrete benches : bringing people together! 

It is important that public places and urban spaces remain user-friendly. The concrete bench is an essential piece of public furniture offering citizens the opportunity to rest for a while and enjoy the city.

The concrete benches in our catalogue can be adapted to suit all styles and needs and help to improve user comfort and quality of life in urban environments. Available in a wide range of styles and materials, our concrete benches can enhance urban spaces and provide added convenience for the residents. 

The sleek designs of our concrete benches helps them to integrate into their surroundings. Made from ultra-strong concrete, they are unquestionably strong. Available with and without backrests and with curved or straight lines, our website has a wide range of models to help you find the ideal concrete bench for your community.

We specialize in the design of concrete street furniture and offer products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, durability and safety.


Concrete benches can be incorporated into public spaces such as parks, streets and shopping malls. Concrete benches are built to last and can adapt well in all urban environments.  

Have you ever thought about using participatory urban planning? This system gives citizens a voice in the development of their public spaces. The opinions of residents can also become a source of inspiration for local authorities. Being in the best position to talk about public spaces, citizens have a more concrete overview of spending on urban development, while at the same time becoming more involved in city life. For example, they could be surveyed about the design of the next concrete bench you are going to install in a particular area.  

The choice of benches and other street furniture is an important issue in outdoor design strategies. Outdoor benches need to be tasteful if they are going to be installed in public gardens, green spaces and throughout the urban landscape. As well as being attractive and comfortable, citizens are increasingly concerned that they are made in France. All Francioli's designer concrete street furniture models are French-made.

As well as concrete benches, we offer many other ranges of products including Rest Areas, Concrete Bins, Concrete Bollards, Passenger Shelters, Bin Shelters and Concrete Planters. 

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