Choosing the right street furniture for your community?

13 nov 2022

Street furniture is a fast-growing and constantly evolving field. Local authorities install street furniture in the public spaces of towns and cities all over France. It is important to improve communities with street furniture, not only to enhance the well-being of residents, but also to provide a service. Towns and cities that invest in infrastructure for their residents are often great places to live. Street furniture therefore plays a strong role in improving the quality of life for local residents. This means it is important to choose the right furniture.


Concrete benches

Concrete benches (and chairs) are an important part of the urban landscape. Many people enjoy taking strolls in public places during the day or in the weekend.
Concrete benches are therefore essential pieces of furniture, providing residents with places to sit, to relax and to enjoy themselves in city centres.

Francioli concrete benches improve quality of life as they adapt perfectly to local environments. Made from polished granite, with or without backrests, our benches are fully customizable and weather resistant for good durability.

Public fountains

What is a town without a decorative fountain? The centrepiece of any town centre, public fountains can genuinely enhance a community. Concrete fountains help people relax and unwind while listening to the sound of water flowing.

In addition to the feel-good factor, concrete public fountains are highly decorative and add charm and character to your community.

Francioli concrete fountains come in a variety of shapes to meet all requirements. Octagonal, hexagonal, low wall or Naples versions, they are designed to add cachet to a public space while remaining easy to use and maintain. The concrete technology we use will last for many years.


Concrete planters

Add life and colour to your public spaces with flowers and shrubs. These elements greatly improve quality of life for residents. Towns with a large number of plants and other flowers may even be awarded the “Commune Fleurie"" label.

As is well known, public spaces with lots of greenery provide a true sense of well-being. In addition to the human component, concrete planters provide greenery in concrete spaces can help show off the furniture as well.

Francioli concrete planters are an ideal way to enhance your assets. Available in a wide variety of shapes and colours, they are perfect to augment both public spaces and historic buildings. Their harmonious styling will enhance your most beautiful spaces.


Public ashtrays

Street furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also engages citizens in environmental protection initiatives. This is particularly true of concrete ashtrays for communities. Too many people still discard cigarette ends in public places when there are no ashtrays or litter bins nearby. 

To optimize the cleanliness of your town and to reduce waste in an environmentally-friendly way, it is important to install public ashtrays in the busiest areas.

As well as improving respect for the environment, Francioli’s concrete ashtrays improve quality of life for non-smoking citizens in that they can walk around town without treading on cigarette ends. So as not to detract from the urban landscape of your city centre, our concrete ashtrays have original designs and are highly resistant to rain and frost.


Passenger shelters

Lastly, we recommend fitting your town out with passenger shelters, also known as bus shelters. These types of shelter improve comfort for residents and passengers using public transport systems.

They improve user comfort by protecting against the vagaries of the weather. To avoid spoiling your community with old-fashioned shelters, choose Francioli passenger shelters, which add a contemporary look to the urban landscape.

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