Encourage civic-minded behaviour with concrete ashtrays

The concrete public ashtray is an absolutely essential piece of street furniture for encouraging civic-minded behaviour in public spaces. By providing a place for people to put their cigarette ends, Francioli's concrete ashtrays help to protect the environment and keep urban spaces clean.  

It is important that public ashtrays are distributed throughout the community, in commercial, industrial and residential neighbourhoods. However, the density of these ashtrays should be increased in particularly busy areas to reduce the risk of overflowing. Town centres and public squares can therefore be kept cleaner and quality of life for residents will be enhanced.

The public ashtrays from Francioli’s range of designer street furniture can be integrated into a variety of public places and spaces and help keep the number of discarded cigarette ends to a minimum. 

The fact that our public ashtrays are made from concrete makes them ideally suited to the urban environment: robust, contemporary and hard-wearing, the ashtrays are available in a variety of sizes meet the expectations and needs of local authorities regarding public cleanliness and environmental protection.

The concrete ashtrays featured in our range of public ashtrays are suitable for city centres. Our public ashtrays are highly resistant to bad weather and urban vandalism as their structures are made from concrete.

Public ashtrays help prevent discarded cigarette ends on the ground

Public ashtrays are an essential piece of street furniture in the fight against discarded cigarette ends in public spaces. To encourage civic-minded behaviour, Francioli designs and distributes a comprehensive range of concrete public ashtrays.

Francioli’s concrete ashtrays are the ideal solution to a genuine social problem. Once installed in large numbers at various strategic points, our ashtrays help to keep the number of cigarette ends discarded by smokers to a minimum.

These ashtrays have been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and effective solution for improving public cleanliness. To achieve this, a variety of shapes are available to blend in naturally with all types of urban architecture, while keeping them visible to users who need them.

The concrete from which Francioli's ashtrays are made is extremely strong, they are therefore highly resistant to the vagaries of the weather (temperature variations, frost, rain, UV, hail, etc.) and to vandalism. Their durability is second to none.  

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