Why choose Francioli street furniture?

17 nov 2022

As you probably know, our company manufactures public toilets, buried containers and street furniture and is located in Chaleins, between Villefranche-sur-Saône and Mâcon, in the Beaujolais region.

Our location helps us promote the fact that we sell street furniture.

Our range of street furniture includes a wide choice of products for urban areas and motorway services. Indeed, all the street furniture we sell is intended for public spaces.

Francioli has been employing its skills to meet its customers' needs for street furniture for private and public spaces for over 35 years.


We have many years of experience dealing with street furniture


We have been updating our range of street furniture for over 30 years. With over 3 decades of experience in the manufacture of street furniture, Francioli is now an expert in private and public spaces and locations.

Drawing on our many years of experience, we are proud to design and manufacture high-quality urban facilities. We also offer a dedicated range of furniture for motorway rest areas.

Francioli markets a range of street furniture suitable for outdoor environments (good weather resistance), which is both durable and respectful of the environment.
Our expertise in this field enables us to market our range of street furniture both nationally and internationally.


We have a wide range of street furniture manufactured at Chaleins en Beaujolais


Our range of street furniture is designed to satisfy the various requirements and needs of the public domain (cities, towns, motorways).

Francioli offers a wide range of urban furniture for sale based entirely on the demands of different towns.

Our comprehensive range of street furniture includes everything needed to enhance the comfort and appearance of public spaces.


Passenger shelters

Our passenger shelters are the perfect solution for users of urban transport. These are one-piece, prefabricated concrete shelters that comply with current standards and are designed to withstand the outdoor environment.


Concrete bench

Concrete benches are also included in Francioli's range of street furniture. This classic yet timeless piece of furniture is a common feature of public spaces. Our concrete benches are also designed to stand the test of time.


Green spaces

We offer a wide range of concrete planters to help you personalize your parks, green spaces and public areas. Available in 10 different variations with a range of concrete structures, these units are ideal for showing off your plants.

Our Beaujolais street furniture catalogue also includes concrete fountains which are an ideal way to enhance a town centre.



We work hard to keep the environment clean. We manufacture and sell a range of concrete litter bins and public ashtrays for use in public spaces and other locations.



Francioli's product range includes concrete bollards in a variety of shapes. Concrete bollards are safety features that restrict car access to certain areas of the city.


Concrete table

Just like the concrete bench, the concrete table is a common feature of many public spaces. These are the ideal benches for people looking for a space where they can have lunch or relax. Our tables can also be customized for use as ping-pong tables and games tables.


Custom-designed furniture

In addition to contemporary street furniture, Francioli offers a range of custom-designed furniture. Our design office and sales team are waiting to hear your special requirements.


Public toilets

In addition to our range of street furniture, we offer two other distinct product categories. Francioli also manufactures public toilets and Bihr buried bins.

Our modular public toilets are perfectly suited to public spaces and the daily life of your town. They meet a wide range of standards and criteria and are fully functional and accessible to everyone.

Our factory is located in the Beaujolais region, so come and see us there!

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