The village square is an essential aspect of urban life. They are a place for community gatherings and get-togethers. They are places which encourage interaction and social cohesion.

Keeping public spaces clean

To ensure that cities remain as clean as possible, regular cleaning programs are often implemented by local authorities. But other methods, such as raising public awareness, have also proved their worth.  

Francioli, a specialist in public amenities, designs and installs concrete litter bins and ashtrays. These installations are useful for encouraging citizens to adopt the correct behaviours in public spaces. They considerably reduce the amount of litter thrown on the ground and help to keep streets and squares clean and attractive.  

Concrete is the ideal material for these installations. Francioli's various modules feature elegant and robust designs that meet the needs of local authorities in terms of embellishing and protecting public spaces

Making life easier for users  

Francioli manufactures and installs public toilets to help keep public spaces clean and to make life easier for citizens.  

Available in single and multi-cubicle versions, Francioli's public toilets can be adapted to the user volumes estimated by local authorities. Practical and hygienic, the public toilets are accessible to all residents and visitors and have been approved for persons with reduced mobility.

The village square, a friendly space  

As a place for gathering together, a village square must be both inviting and promote interaction. To make the most of these spaces, benches and tables are essential to allow people to sit, to chat and to have a rest.  

Francioli’s concrete tables and benches are designed to improve user comfort and quality of life in urban environments. Our catalogue includes a variety of design styles to suit all types of surroundings.  

Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, concrete benches and chairs are also strong and durable. 

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