Motorway service areas are constructed to enable users to take breaks during their journeys and to park their vehicles in complete safety. In order to reduce the risk of accidents, motorists should be encouraged to stop on a regular basis. The design of rest areas is therefore important. 

Rest areas

It is essential that drivers take regular breaks during a journey. Whether short or long, journeys can be tiring. Motorway service areas therefore need to be able to meet everyone's needs in terms of breaks.  
Francioli manufactures a wide range of street furniture for motorway rest areas. Installing benches and tables made from ultra-solid concrete preserves the aesthetic appeal of a rest area and improves convenience for travellers. It becomes easier to have a picnic in the fresh air and to enjoy the outdoors.

Hygienic toilets  

Public toilets are permanent fixtures at motorway service areas and, as a specialist in urban furnishings, Francioli is able to supply both single and multi-cubicle toilets for them. 

Some models designed for travelling people also have showers accessible for PRMs. 

Waste management on the road  

Several tonnes of rubbish are collected on motorways each year. To tackle this environmental scourge and to help raise user awareness, Francioli offers a range of concrete ashtrays and litter bins to meet the needs of motorway managers.  

Manufactured from ultra-strong concrete, these units can withstand the vagaries of the weather and prevent waste from littering motorways and natural areas. 

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