Stations are complex public spaces which large numbers of passengers pass through each day. Urban planning has become an essential activity to offer users greater convenience and safety. Street furniture makes stations more user-friendly and journeys more pleasant for passengers. 

Passenger shelters  

Each traffic route in the zone between the train and the passenger must be demarcated to prevent potential incidents. Francioli offers a wide range of concrete bollards and benches which can separate pedestrian and railway zones.  

They can be used to safely demarcate different spaces and to help users find their way around. Made from concrete, our products are sturdy and long-lasting, they are also resistant to impacts and external aggression. Railways can be made safer with modern furniture that blends in perfectly with the railway environment. 

The chance to rest  

Benches are one of the most important pieces of furniture in railway stations and are much sought-after by passengers. Sturdy and durable, our benches and tables are essential items of urban furniture. Their concrete construction enables them to be installed both indoors and outdoors, offering travellers added convenience. 

If the station is in the open air, passenger shelters are also essential to protect users against the elements. 

Toilet facilities in stations  

For added convenience, users must also have access to public toilet facilities. Public toilets in stations also offer privacy for getting changed during a journey.  

Francioli's public toilets provide travellers with optimum convenience. Accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM), our toilets are available in single and multi-cubicle versions to handle larger user flows.  

Our toilets are durable, hard-wearing and feature a range of automated functions for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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