Francioli installs secure public toilets in Nice!

26 nov 2022

Public toilets are a basic public health and hygiene issue for towns and cities, and all the more so during a health crisis. They must meet an exacting set of specifications related to safety, practicality and aesthetics. In Nice, the council called on Francioli to fit out the city’s green spaces, a Citygie brand specializing in the construction and installation of public toilets.


Nice, France's second most popular tourist destination

Nice is the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes Department and France's second most visited city. Over five million tourists visit the city every year, landing at Nice Côte d'Azur airport. 

The public toilet problem in Nice 

Nice is facing a public sanitation problem. The lack of infrastructure was exacerbated by the covid-19 pandemic and its social repercussions. During lockdown, bars and restaurants could not be used if someone was caught short as they were all closed. 

New public toilets for Nice 

Faced with this problem, the city of Nice called on Francioli, the French urban amenities specialist. A total of ten public toilet cabins have been installed throughout the city's parks and gardens. The goal was to meet the high demand and a large number of users, especially tourists. The town has created a map to help people find the new toilets. 


Nice's popular infrastructure 

Installed two years ago now, the toilets have become an integral part of Nice's urban landscape. According to Philippe Morteau of the Direction de la Réglementation et Contrôle des Espaces Publics, “The residents are highly satisfied with these toilets, especially their locations. Fitting out the city's green spaces was of prime importance.""

Toilets which are entirely French-made and which are safe

The cabins were designed and constructed by Francioli. ""We developed toilets intended to resolve the problems facing the city of Nice, both in terms of the aesthetics of the surroundings and improving safety,"" explains Francioli’s sales representative, Jean-Pierre de Castro. The toilets have been designed with wooden cladding to help them blend seamlessly into their surroundings.


Safety is key

The safety of the toilets was an essential consideration. The cubicles are networked to each other and have pre-programmed opening times. They are also placed in areas which are closed to the public at night, such as city parks and gardens. The cubicles have been coated with a special paint to help prevent graffiti.


Low-cost maintenance 

Francioli's public toilets have been designed to minimize maintenance requirements thanks to self-cleaning and self-washing systems. They make it easier for local authorities to operate these types of facility. The toilets are, of course, accessible to persons with reduced mobility, guaranteeing access and quality of service for all users.

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