Bourg-en-Bresse gets greener public toilets

11 nov 2022

Quality of life, aesthetics and environmental awareness are all themes that guide urban development policies. Public toilets must meet these requirements. This is the case for the two recent installations in the heart of Bourg-en-Bresse, which were carried out by Francioli, a local company based in Chaleins, in the Ain region.

Two public toilets have just been installed in the car park of the Verdun town hall and behind the Monument to the Dead. These units are essential for users and had to meet a set of exacting specifications. ""The town was looking for low-cost facilities that would be practical, hygienic, easy to maintain aesthetically pleasing and which would fit in with the urban landscape”, explains Loïc Morel, who is in charge of work on the town's buildings.

The challenge was to replace the existing furniture with more aesthetically pleasing units that would meet the requirements of Bâtiments de France for listed sites.

In the end they chose cubicles designed by a design firm contracted by Francioli. A totally new approach has been chosen to ensure that the services are of a high quality. The company, by agreement with the town council, chose coloured concrete with composite facings to make them more inviting.

The cubicles are connected to a time-programmable locking system and a remote management system which monitors usage and can detect malfunctions. This means that maintenance and cleaning can be scheduled quickly, guaranteeing that quality standards are maintained at all times.

Environmental considerations were also taken into account; the LED lighting consumes less energy in use and turns on only when the door is opened. A water management system is also included with optimized floor-washing frequencies and water dosing times for normal hand-washing, with no inappropriate wastage. Of course, the cubicles are also designed to be accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

They were designed and built at the Chaleins plant. They were then transported in prefabricated form and installed in a single day, avoiding work that could have had a detrimental effect on mid-town traffic.

""Our street furniture can be found all over France. At Francioli, we're all proud that local authorities have chosen our company’s products, Bourg-en-Bresse in particular”, concludes Jean-François Chamara, who handled relations with the City of Bourg-en-Bresse teams on Francioli's behalf.

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