Which standards apply to PRM public toilets?

09 nov 2022

Nowadays, all establishments receiving the public must have toilet facilities that are suitable for persons with reduced mobility. Toilets must be made more accessible to enable them to be used by everyone. All toilet facilities, whether indoors or outdoors, must meet certain criteria to ensure that they function properly.

Current standards for toilet blocks

The decree of April 20, 2017 set out very precise standards regarding access to toilet facilities for persons with reduced mobility.


The number of PMR toilets in ERPs

The decree stipulates that all establishments must have a toilet facility with at least 1 cubicle for persons with reduced mobility, with all the appropriate equipment. In terms of accessibility, the cubicle must be able to accommodate a wheelchair comfortably.

Similarly, if an ERP has both men's and women's toilets, it must also have PRM toilets for both sexes.

Lastly, the equipment installed in PRM cubicles (soap dispensers, mirrors, etc.) must be easily accessible for disabled people.

Overall dimensions of PMR toilets

PRM toilet cubicles must be large enough to allow wheelchair users to move around freely inside (i.e. to make U-turns). Accordingly, the minimum dimensions are 1m50 x 1m50.

Wheelchairs must also be able to fit comfortably into PRM toilets. To comply with this standard, the usable surface area inside the cubicle (the lateral distance from the wheelchair to the toilet) must be at least 1.30m x 80 cm.

The cubicle door must also meet certain standards. It must open outwards so as not to impede the passage of a wheelchair, and must be equipped with a grab bar at a height of 75 cm. It must also be fitted with a handle no longer than 45 cm. The locking system must also be suitable for PRM, so as not to cause difficulties.


Dimensions for toilet bowls/hand-washing basins 

To meet accessibility requirements for wheelchair users, washbasins and washstands must be accessible from a seated position. These items must therefore comply with the following dimensional standards:

The tap fittings must be ergonomic and require no special effort on the part of a PRM. Taps with automatic detection systems can be used, but the best solution is still a push-button system.

The washbasin must be 70 cm above the floor but must not exceed 80 cm (including the top).

The wash basin top should be 60 cm wide and 30 to 40 cm deep.

The area under the washbasin must be clear of any obstructions so that a wheelchair can be positioned under it without difficulty.

Dimensions for toilet bowls

Toilets with raised bowls are most commonly used in public PRM toilets as they offer greater autonomy and better ergonomics for people with reduced mobility and disabilities.

However, PRM toilets must also comply with current regulations, i.e. the height must be adapted to ensure accessibility for this group.

PMR toilet bowls must be installed at a maximum height of 50 cm. The bowl should not be too large, so that the person can lean against the wall or the toilet if necessary.
To make it easier for people with reduced mobility to sit down on the toilet, PRM sanitary facilities should be equipped with a grab bar strong enough to support the user's weight during transfer. This bar must be located about 20 cm from the toilet and have at least a 40 cm grab length. It must also be installed at a maximum height of 80 cm.

Last but not least, the flushing system must be specially adapted and ergonomically designed to be easy to use. Systems requiring high pressure should be avoided. The system must be easy to use and require little force/motion to flush.


Francioli PRM toilets

Francioli has developed a comprehensive range of PRM public toilets for both indoor and outdoor (in towns) use.

Our PMR toilets for persons with reduced mobility are special in that they can be customized to suit the various settings into which they will be integrated.

They are fully modular and can be given the desired appearance (news-stand, rusted look, contemporary, etc.). To create a comfortable atmosphere, Francioli has personalized the interiors of its toilets with carefully designed furniture.

If you would like to learn more about our customizable PRM public toilets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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