Which litter bins should local authorities choose?

26 déc 2022

Local authorities are responsible for managing waste collection and processing. Choosing the right litter bins for public spaces encourages good behaviour and selective sorting. How do you choose the right one ?


Recycling litter bins

A French person produces over 500 kg of waste a year. This waste is recycled to varying degrees. Local authorities can encourage users to sort their waste more effectively by providing them with dedicated rubbish bins.


Bins with 3, 4, 5 or more waste streams !

Selective sorting bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used to differentiate each waste stream :

  • glass
  • paper and cardboard
  • plastic
  • scrap and metal
  • wood

A bin with 3 streams is usually enough to recycle most products which are thrown away.

Scrap metal and wood are generally added in business parks and near corporate buildings. Companies have had to apply 5-stream waste sorting since 2016.
Local authorities are also covered by Decree no. 2021-950 of July 16, 2021, which requires a transition to 7-stream waste sorting.

Colours for selective sorting

Each new waste stream must be clearly identified by both professional and private users. Most have adopted the yellow and green colours used for paper/cardboard and glass bins.But some colours are less well known and they are not always harmonized across the country. This disparity is due to sorting procedures differing from one town to another and from one region to another... The harmonization of bin colours is one of the provisions of the anti-waste law for the circular economy.


Style, materials... Other criteria for choosing public rubbish bins

Outdoor rubbish bins are also chosen for their ability to withstand and adapt to the environmental conditions.

Rubbish bag holders

Bin-bag holders are regularly installed as part of a Vigipirate plan. Used with transparent bags, these rubbish bins allow the contents to be inspected from the outside.
These solutions are widely used on sensitive locations and routes (railway stations, tourist sites, museums, administrative offices, etc.).


Openwork or perforated rubbish bins

Openwork and perforated rubbish bins are also partially transparent, but with an essentially aesthetic aim. These solutions blend more easily into their surroundings.
The most iconic model is certainly the tulip basket, which is often found in public gardens.


Metal litter bins

Metal litter bins are often used in urban environments. Simple and robust, these products can be installed anywhere.

Public metal litter bins are generally made from galvanized steel. This material is particularly strong and resistant to the elements.


Wooden litter bins

Wooden street furniture is used in most urban green spaces. Litter bins are no exception. Wood is also an environmentally-friendly, sustainable and recyclable material.
It is not uncommon for wood to be used as cladding around a metal core. These products combine the advantages of both materials.


Concrete litter bins

Strong, modern and clean, concrete is the material of choice for litter bins in public spaces.
Concrete litter bins are resistant to fire, damage, weather, frost and UV rays... They are perfectly suited to outdoor use, concrete is also a material with a sober, contemporary look.


HDPE plastic litter bins

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) can be used to manufacture some of the more basic litter bins for cities. However, they can also be given a variety of designs to match the architectural style of the location.

HDPE shells give these litter bins good UV and weather resistance.

Litter bins, bin shelters, ashtrays... A wide range of concrete furniture ! 

Francioli can help you install high-quality, attractive street furniture. We prioritize the use of simple, timeless shapes. Our concrete public litter bins come in a variety of styles: with and without covers, letterbox-style front opening, mounted on the ground or on walls... Depending on the model, you can also combine concrete with metal by choosing a stainless steel lid, for example.

Francioli also makes concrete ashtrays and bin shelters of all sizes to meet the various needs of local authorities. We offer public ashtrays with and without collectors, and large-capacity bin shelters for apartment blocks, large housing estates and business parks. We also sell more compact ones for parks and busy natural sites.

All items in the clean streets range are made in France. Designed to last, these units are fireproof (M0) and have a slim, elegant style to provide long-lasting support for the community.

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