What kind of shelters can be installed in a community?

28 déc 2022

Bicycle shelters, passenger shelters, bin shelters... Covered outdoor spaces protect people and equipment from the elements and improve user comfort. Which shelters are available and how should you choose one ?

Bicycle shelters, an essential aspect of eco-mobility

The French are increasingly being encouraged to use soft modes of transport whenever possible. The widespread use of non-polluting modes of transport is improving city air quality and making them more welcoming... as long as adequate outdoor amenities are also provided. Users are mostly willing, sometimes all it takes is a little help from the community to move them in the right direction.

Bicycle shelters are one measure which encourages good behaviour. Creating new parking spaces is not enough; we also need to provide facilities to protect property against theft, damage and bad weather. These spaces include support frames and clips designed to stabilize bikes and make parking safer.


Bus shelters for added convenience

Passengers can often be waiting quite a while for a bus, depending on the schedule. During this time they are exposed to the elements: strong winds, heavy rain, bright sunshine... Passenger shelters offer temporary respite for users of public transport. But they have other functions as well.

The shelter marks the bus stop. Route maps and timetables are also easier to read inside them. They are also places where people can rest and chat, they have benches to sit on and, ideally, litter bins nearby. A shelter must be selected to meet the needs of its users, but it should also fit in with the general design of the street furniture used in the town.

Shelters for school bus stops

Shelters at school bus stops improve comfort and safety for the students. While regional authorities are usually responsible for school transport, the local authorities are often in charge of the bus shelters along the route. They are also responsible for maintaining their street furniture. This is why one should choose a range that isn’t prone to getting dirty and has surfaces that are easy to clean.

Bin shelters

Bin shelters are used to store waste for subsequent collection. They are crucial in encouraging recycling, preventing illegal dumping and keeping public spaces clean.
Rubbish bins left on the street can obstruct traffic on public highways. Nor is it uncommon to find unwanted bulky items dumped in the vicinity when rubbish bins are left outside. The whole scenario can leave a chaotic impression that discourages good behaviour.

Suitable bin shelters selected by local authorities are able to conceal unsightly deposits. A single shelter has enough space for all required recycling bins. Larger structures enable people to move between the various collection points without having to worry about the weather. Waste management procedures are also simplified; sheltered collection point can receive waste from an entire building or group of homes.


All Francioli shelters for local authorities

Francioli specializes in the manufacture of public amenities including toilet facilities, rest areas and street furniture, as well as passenger and bin shelters. All our products are manufactured in France from materials that are durable and easy to maintain.


Passenger shelters

Francioli’s passenger shelters are one-piece concrete structures. They can be recycled and are environmentally inert. Various sizes and finishes are available for improved integration. All our shelters are coated with anti-graffiti varnish.

Small and large formats

Our small-format travel shelters are delivered without a base slab. They feature a bench seat and a roof made from GFRC. The overhanging shelter is another small format shelter without side walls, but with a base slab and bench.

The large-format version has the same features but also comes with a 12 cm-thick slab. Two interior benches are also available to passengers.

Glazed passenger shelters

The modern glazed travel shelter blends seamlessly into the urban environment. This model features a base slab and two concrete benches.

Bin shelters

Francioli offers a number of collection solutions for local authorities: bin shelters, container parks and huts for centralized drop-off and collection.

Modular bin shelters

Our modular concrete bin shelters offer a variety of finish options to help them blend in with their surroundings. The hatches are located at the top and can be adapted to handle different waste streams.

Bin kiosks

Bin kiosks can house all bins required for large housing developments. Moving hatches enable waste products to be deposited in the corresponding bin.

Bin parks

Unlike kiosks, bin parks are open to the elements. Users have direct access to the bins, which are secured by a perimeter fence and a door.

This model can also be used as a bicycle shelter, or as a sign-posted drop-off point for collecting bulky items. 

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