How do you create a parking zone in a town?

02 janv 2023

The most important criteria for parking spaces are visibility and legibility. Which spaces are closest to the centre, or to pedestrian zones? What are the parking hours and rules? A number of pieces of street furniture can be used clearly indicate parking zones. Francioli has chosen to make its bollards from concrete for its aesthetics and life span, it is also a recyclable material that integrates easily into public spaces.  


The consequences of poor parking management  

In the absence of clearly identified parking spaces, motorists are likely to behave in ways that are inconvenient or even dangerous for other users. Finding an appropriate solution will require the traffic system to be carefully studied. Depending on the amount of traffic and its variability, the local authority may set up temporary or permanent parking solutions.  

Town centres are slowing down  

The lack of parking is particularly acute in city centres. Retailers are seeing their catchment areas tightening around perimeters that are only accessible on foot or by public transport. Customers who depend on cars to get to the centre are now choosing to go to out-of-town shopping centres. This is a key issue for local authorities, as their town centres are becoming less and less attractive.  

Improving parking facilities is therefore one of the actions we are taking to support the local economic fabric. Improving the attractiveness of a city centre also requires reducing traffic and creating pedestrian-only zones. Striking the right balance is not always easy. The goal is to free city centres from the nuisances associated with road traffic, but without cutting them off from the outlying areas.  

Dissatisfaction among residents and users alike  

Illegal parking is a major source of inconvenience in city centres. A lack of available parking spaces will encourage motorists to break the rules. This can lead to conflicts that disturb the peace for local residents. Resident’s parking spaces are often under assault. Parking spaces for delivery vehicles can also be monopolized, which can have an impact on traffic flow.  

Traffic congestion, noise, pollution, etc. These factors seriously undermine the attractiveness of neighbourhoods in both the residential and commercial property markets. It is in these areas, in which parking needs are poorly addressed, that dissatisfaction is growing among all stakeholders.  
To remedy this situation we need to adopt effective and clear strategies.  

The aspects of a coherent parking management system

Anti-parking street furniture can take many forms, but they all have the same purpose: to prevent vehicles from circulating and parking.  


Anti-parking bollards  

Anti-parking bollards prevent motorized vehicles from entering zones reserved for pedestrians. These devices clearly define which routes are accessible to the various users of public spaces.

 Concrete blocks for car parks  

Ring bollards can be joined together by chains. This is an ideal solution for temporarily restricting access to a parking zone, or for securing private parking spaces.  

Other types of street furniture  

Local authorities can use other types of street furniture to make pedestrian zones, pavements and squares safer. Certain items, such as planters and public litter bins
can also act as deterrents or be used to provide information.  


Francioli, concrete bollards for a clearer strategy

Francioli manufactures concrete bollards of all shapes and sizes to help local authorities better regulate traffic of all types. As a specialist in street furniture, we use concrete for its strength, its sober appearance and its durability.  


Bollards of all shapes, for all types of uses  

Cylindrical, square, conical, spherical, etc. We have a variety of shapes to help you match the style of the street furniture in your community. We also supply Patrimoine concrete bollards. Why are they special ? These bollards form part of the Chambord range, which combines the modernity of concrete with shapes which are reminiscent of antique carved stone sculptures.  

Our anti-parking bollards provide rock-solid stability for the long-term demarcation of vehicle-free spaces. Francioli also makes triangular bollards, which are particularly suitable for demarcating private and public spaces. Our ram bollard offer added strength and feature chamfered edges. They are specially designed to secure traffic in public spaces.  

Clever designs  

Our rectangular bollard can also be used as a public bench. The combination of these two functions is ideal for demarcating public squares and pedestrian zones.  
We offer a robust, easy-to-handle bollard for greater flexibility when designing urban spaces. The lugs on our concrete protection bollards make them easier to move around.  

This product is also suitable for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). The accessibility of public spaces and parking areas is governed by law. Local authorities are obliged to create reserved parking spaces using appropriate signs.

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