PRM toilet / shower cubicle - SANINOMADE

    Intérieur d'une cabine sanitaire avec toilettes et aide PMR
    Toilettes et barre PMR dans une cabine sanitaire

Long-lasting toilet facilities

The SANINOMADE - PRM WC / Shower cabin facilities are designed to be resistant to damage caused both by the elements and by humans.

To achieve this, the SANINOMADE - PRM WC / Shower cabin facilities for Travellers is made entirely of polished concrete and fitted with insulated, non-releasable double-wall 15/10 lacquered steel doors.</p><p>Lighting is provided by a fluorescent light located in the machine room, this is protected by a metal grill and a polycarbonate plate. Last but not least, the accessories have been simplified as far as possible to prevent vandalism, the fittings are tamper-proof and the piping is only accessible from the machine room.

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