Vandal-proof toilets - Doortal testimonial

24 nov 2022

Vandal-proof toilets, the doors are locked by key!

Doortal is a benchmark company providing hi-tech metal doors for public areas and sensitive sites. As an independent company, Doortal aims to meet the needs of the building sector with an expanding range of innovative technological solutions. This family-run business is Citygie's exclusive supplier of doors for public toilets.

Doortal brings its expertise to bear for one of Citygie's key needs: secure and long-lasting public toilets. A shared interest in the design of anti-vandalism solutions and a local presence in the Ain region brought these two French companies together.

Only Citygie currently uses Doortal’s metal doors for public toilets.


Statement by Joris Chastagnier, sales representative at Doortal

""The Covid crisis has majorly impacted our relationship with the public space"", notes Joris Chastagnier, sales representative at Doortal.
""Citygie has a genuine capacity to adapt, which, given the social transformations taking place in the work place, represents an undeniable strength. We are working together to meet the ever-increasing demands of today's market and, in particular, to provide non-contact and anti-bacterial solutions.

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