An overview of the different types of public toilets made by Francioli

15 nov 2022

Over the last few years, public toilets facilities have gradually established a place in the French urban landscape. Toilet blocks can now be found in virtually every public area.

These comfort-enhancing facilities have evolved over time, and are now equipped with technologies that help them to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Francioli is a national leader in the manufacture and sale of toilet blocks and offers a wide range of public toilets. Focus on the various toilet installations available for sale.


Single-cubicle public toilets


Single-cubicle toilets with self-cleaning systems are the most common type of public toilet found in France. These are the most traditional type, and probably the most popular with local authorities.

They are the least expensive in our range but offer real advantages in terms of accessibility, hygiene and safety for users. Designed to accommodate persons with reduced mobility, they offer three different cleaning modes (manual, self-cleaning, self-cleaning Plus Saninew).

Given the current sanitation conditions required by the COVID-19 crisis, automatic toilets housed in single-cubicle toilet blocks are the ideal solution for preventing the transmission of microbes. This technology allows the user to leave the toilet without having to flush it, so reducing contact with it.


Integrable public toilets


Integrable public toilets are fully scalable units designed to be able to adapt to public spaces and ERPs (establishments receiving the public) regardless of their location.
In fact, this toilet block is delivered in the form of a fully modular kit that can be assembled at the site. Integrable public toilets can therefore be adapted to your available surface area and budget. Cubicles can be added as you wish as your surface area grows.

Despite their modular appearance, these toilet blocks feature ultra-high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete interior partitions, guaranteeing long-lasting partitions.


Modular toilet blocks

As with the integrable public toilets described above, modular toilet blocks are, as their name suggests, primarily modular in nature. They are especially suitable for outdoor use as they are made from weather-resistant concrete and steel.

Designed specifically for motorway service areas, these modular public toilets can be customized and adapted to suit the surroundings and layout of each service area.
In this way, each motorway service areas can benefit from its own public toilet facilities, optimized according to the expectations of individuals and, above all, the company that owns this particular space.

As with all Francioli public toilets, they are designed to last a long time and to be easy to maintain. The number of cubicles in this range of toilet blocks can vary between 2 and 6.


Exterior public toilets


Designed exclusively for outdoor public spaces, these public toilets share many features with single-cubicle toilet blocks. They are larger than the latter as they are designed to be able to accommodate a larger number of cubicles.

These toilets feature a wide range of customizable elements and are often sold with flat roofs to collect rainwater for reuse. This high level of customization make the units easy to integrate into your local community.

Designed for outdoor use, Francioli outdoor public toilets are highly resistant to climate change and potential vandalism. Made from concrete and stainless steel, the toilet blocks are guaranteed to stand the test of time.


Public toilets for Travelling people

Our public toilets for Travelling people are prefabricated, factory-fitted toilet blocks.

Constructed from concrete for greater strength, they also feature cubicles fitted with all expected amenities (WCs, showers, technical room).

These toilet blocks are absolutely compliant with the standards in force since July 5, 2000, which stipulate that towns with over 5,000 inhabitants must provide sites
for Travelling people with amenities.


Public toilets for PRM


PRM public toilets are toilet blocks which have been fitted with automatic toilets for persons with reduced mobility. They are designed to meet the needs of local authorities in terms of providing public facilities which are accessible to everyone.

The fittings and layout of these toilets have been redesigned to provide maximum space and good ergonomics. The toilets have been reduced in size and fitted with automatic flushing systems.

Francioli offers a wide range of PRM toilets that can be adapted to all public spaces and ERPs, so enhancing comfort

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