Which standards do Francioli toilets comply with?


The importance of standards for public toilets

A certain number of standards exist to ensure that public toilets are safe, long-lasting and reduce maintenance costs for local authorities, it is important that they are complied with. 

As a manufacturer of public toilets, Francioli is committed to complying fully with these regulations, and even to upgrading them.


Accessibility standards for PRM toilets

Created in 1992, the NF P 99-611 standard sets out the multiple accessibility criteria applying to PRM toilet facilities. In its most recent version, these regulations define a set of specific minimum dimensions, in particular:

  • the widths of openings for wheelchair access;
  • the available space inside the cubicle to facilitate manoeuvring a wheelchair;
  • the heights of PRM sanitary fittings and accessories (seats, washbasins, hooks, grab bars, door locking/unlocking systems).

The accessibility standard covering public toilets also sets out the number of toilets that need to be PRM-accessible, based on the number of toilet blocks present.


Fire and electrical safety regulations

In terms of fire safety, public toilets can be classified between M0 and M3 in terms of fire behaviour, again in accordance with the NF P 99-611 standard. Francioli, the French manufacturer of public toilets, has chosen to construct its PRM toilets from concrete or, failing that, other materials classified as M0, this being the highest level of fire resistance.  

Francioli's toilet blocks are both non-flammable and non-combustible, and are all M0 fire rated. In this respect, they surpass the accessibility standards for PRM toilet facilities.

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