What are the benefits of outdoor public toilets?


Prefabricated outdoor toilets: what are the advantages ?

There are many advantages to the installation of prefabricated outdoor toilet facilities. From single-cabin toilets to modular public toilet facilities, Francioli's products are built to last and can withstand the toughest conditions. These prefabricated outdoor toilets are also extremely safe for the users and can be fully customized.


Concrete design

Francioli, a French manufacturer of concrete public toilets, uses only the highest quality materials in the production of its products. Our entire range of prefabricated outdoor sanitary fittings is made from concrete and steel, two materials which are renowned for their extreme strength and durability.



With a concrete structure, Francioli’s public toilets are highly resistant to the hazards of everyday life. Concrete is a very robust material that also has a certain degree of flexibility.

As a result, Francioli's prefabricated outdoor toilets can withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Rain, wind, hail, snow, UV rays and temperature variations have no effect on the structure or durability of concrete toilet blocks.  

Another advantage of using concrete in the design of public toilets is their resistance to vandalism, particularly in urban environments. No need to worry about ill-intentioned people deliberately damaging your community's toilet blocks: they are highly resistant to vandalism and can even be treated with anti-graffiti paint.  

Last but not least, concrete is a non-flammable material, which puts Francioli's public toilets at the top of the podium in terms of fire resistance: the M0 rating, which guarantees complete fire safety.


PRM-accessible secure toilets

Francioli's prefabricated outdoor toilets are equipped to meet the standards and safety needs of all categories of user. To this end, our toilet facilities are accessible for disabled people and we have installed a wide range of equipment and devices to enhance the user experience.

Francioli’s public toilets feature non-slip flooring, and the layout and dimensions of the cubicles meet current PRM accessibility standards.  

Furthermore, to reduce the risk of accidents, the plumbing mechanisms and electrical cables for the toilet block equipment are concealed under a locked stainless steel trapdoor.  


Customizable toilet blocks

Francioli's toilet blocks are fully customizable to meet all needs and to be able to blend in with a variety of urban environments and architectural styles. Whether you're looking for a modern, minimalist, rustic or antique-style public toilets, we can help you.  

Customizing the aesthetics and technical aspects of prefabricated outdoor sanitary facilities can help you to fully meet your users' needs and expectations. They can then enjoy toilet blocks that are clean and comfortable to an unusual standard.


A range of options and finishes

Last but not least, Francioli, the French manufacturer of public toilets, offers a wide range of customization and finishing options for the panels and fittings of its PRM toilets. Automated disinfection, automatic door release after a certain time, concrete, brick or wood cladding, etc.

Get in touch with Francioli's experts and learn more about the options and finishes we offer to help you integrate your prefabricated outdoor toilets.

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