How do we create uniformity in street furniture?


Creating a street furniture style guide

To ensure their street furniture remains consistent, local authorities must establish a style guide with identical or similar designs. Street furniture must maintain a certain level of consistency from one street to the next, one should not see a modern concrete bench on one pavement and a traditional wooden bench on the opposite side! 

To maintain consistency within the urban space, communities need to stick to the style guide over the years, even when new elected officials take office.  

Uniformity of street furniture also requires the replacement of old and obsolete equipment. Updating old street furniture can improve the image of a community. Residents would like to have stylish, comfortable and well-maintained street furniture.


Francioli, a specialist in concrete street furniture

To ensure that your street furniture remains consistent, we offer a comprehensive and coherent range of equipment. All our street furniture is made entirely or partly from concrete, a material which has a range of practical and aesthetic advantages. Francioli's street furniture is resistant to the various assaults and weather hazards of everyday life (UV light, rain, temperature variations, etc.), giving it exceptional durability. Concrete also allows street furniture, such as ashtrays, planters, benches and bollards, to be highly customized. It can therefore be adapted to a variety of architectural and decorative styles, without losing consistency and harmony with the space in which they are integrated.

Francioli's concrete street furniture therefore blends perfectly into any urban environment, adding to the pleasure of the residents.</p><p>Francioli's catalogue includes a wide range of concrete equipment to enhance many aspects of everyday urban life:

  • relaxation and meeting places (public benches, rest areas, fountains, etc.)
  • community greening (window boxes)
  • cleanliness (litter bins, ashtrays, bin shelters)
  • and traffic (bollards, passenger shelters)

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