How can vandalism of public toilets be prevented?


Vandal-proof concrete public toilets

Vandalism is a genuine problem for communities. Although acts of vandalism are punishable by law, the damage can cause a nuisance. Francioli offers durable concrete public toilets to deter vandals and reduce the impact of vandalism.  

Concrete public toilets are renowned for their high levels of resistance to vandalism. As they are resistant to impacts and graffiti, concrete toilets help reduce the number of malicious acts. Francioli's prefabricated outdoor toilets require little external maintenance and are easy to clean.

We use anti-graffiti treatments on our public toilets to preserve their original aesthetics and cleanliness. Our single-cubicle toilet units do not have tiled floors. Francioli has chosen to manufacture certain "sensitive" equipment in materials which are known for their strength and durability, such as stainless steel.

These precautions effectively combat acts of vandalism that can be committed against public toilet facilities.


Durable concrete toilets

Concrete is a durable, resistant material. Not only are concrete public toilets protected against vandalism, they can also withstand a wide range of climatic conditions. Concrete is a durable material and is not affected by wind, rain, salt, sand or UV rays. 

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