Does street furniture influence accessibility?


The Accessibility Act and the design of street furniture


The accessibility of urban spaces is an major issue. To ensure that all citizens have free access to public spaces (buildings, thoroughfares, transport, etc.), local authorities must comply with the Accessibility Act No. 2055-102. This law requires local authorities and ERPs to bring their street furniture into line with current standards and to guarantee access for everyone, especially people with reduced mobility.  

As a result of this, local authorities are having to rethink the designs of their roads and public spaces. On thoroughfares, people with reduced mobility need to be able to move around as independently as possible, especially on pavements and in car parks. For example, the ground must be clear of obstacles and must not be slippery. They must also be wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users.

Various pieces of street furniture need to be adapted to make them easier to see for people with disabilities, particularly those who use a walking stick. As they may have a limited field of vision, on-street ashtrays, bollards, lampposts and other street furniture must meet a strict set of criteria in terms of their shape, size and visual contrast, in order to be considered PRM accessible.</p><p>Other urban facilities, such as public toilets, also need to be brought up to standard to make them accessible, safe and hygienic for everyone.


Francioli PRM-accessible toilets


Public toilets must be accessible for everyone. It is for this reason that Francioli's PRM toilets are designed to accommodate persons with reduced mobility in full safety. These essential pieces of street furniture have more than enough space to facilitate user traffic.

The doors of PRM toilet facilities must also be designed to ensure accessibility, and grab bars must be installed. Francioli's PRM-accessible public toilets and washbasins are also adapted to the needs of persons with reduced mobility.

As well as guaranteeing user safety, our public toilets are equipped with non-slip floors, and sensitive equipment is kept out of reach.

Last but not least, our various models of toilet blocks feature automated door locking and unlocking systems, which genuinely improves safety for the user.

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