Can the plans of toilet blocks be viewed?


Public toilets: viewing the plans and foundations

You can view the plans and foundations of all our public toilets on our website. Simply go to the desired product page and open the "plan" and "description" files in the "files" section at the bottom.


Plans and foundations of public toilets

You can view and download the plans and foundations for our public toilets at any time. The plans show the various dimensions as well as the locations of elements such as toilet blocks and equipment rooms. You can also find out which options are available for your public toilets.  

You can see exactly where the various elements will be positioned: WC, hand-washing column, PRM grab bar, paper towel dispenser and rubbish bin, washing nozzle and mechanical ventilation system.


Description of public toilets

You can also download detailed descriptions of the public toilets. This is a 4-point document:  

  • General: general information about public toilets and equipment
  • Hygiene: type of flush, automatic mode, mechanical ventilation system, air purification system...
  • User safety and protection: opening and closing devices, fire rating...
  • Compliance: with the 2005 Accessibility Act.

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