Can Francioli’s toilets be customized?


Fully customizable public toilets

Francioli's public toilets are fully customizable to enable them to meet the needs of both users and communities.  

Functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics... Each aspect can be adapted to suit your needs and desires, and also to blend in perfectly with the immediate surroundings.


Public toilets for every environment

Francioli's entire range of public toilets can be fully customized to suit any environment. Our concrete public toilets can be integrated into any architectural surroundings, whether urban, suburban or rural areas!

Modern, simplistic, rustic or retro: choose a style for your public toilets and make them stand out in the urban space without disrupting the harmony of their direct surroundings.


Features according to your needs

Aside from their aesthetics, our public restroom modules come with features that can be customized! Depending on your needs and the challenges you are confronted with, Francioli toilet blocks can be fitted with one or more cubicles, with shared hand-washing facilities and with or without automatic disinfection systems...  

Customizing the functions and ergonomics of your toilet blocks helps you to better meet the expectations of your users, who will be delighted with the high levels of comfort and hygiene. PRM toilets, integrated toilets, single-cubicle toilets... Anything is possible!


Do you have a special requirement? A special project? Get in touch with Francioli!

Are you planning to fit out a public place or an ERP with fully customizable concrete public toilets? Contact the Francioli team!

Our experts will answer all your questions and assist you with the aesthetic and technical customization of your public toilets, enabling you to tailor the toilet blocks to the specific needs of your project. Francioli's public toilets are the answer to your residents’ needs, providing optimal, long-lasting comfort.

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