Kiosques à conteneurs béton et gris
    Kiosques à conteneurs béton et gris à Lyon
    Kiosques à conteneurs marron

Bin kiosks to facilitate waste collection


  • Modular design with lockable external hatches
  • Formatted as an island or with centre service aisle
  • Large identification zone for waste sorting instructions
  • Hatch frame colours customizable according to waste type (sorting)
  • Overhanging roof to shelter users while sorting waste
  • Also available with a flush roof to comply with property boundaries
  • Available in 6 different configurations



  • Between 4 and 16 waste containers.
  • For wheeled bins from 350l to 1100l
  • Height-adjustable hatches which can be locked from the inside
  • Large space for sorting instructions
  • Ventilation gaps at the tops of the walls
  • Double-leaf access door
  • Anti-graffiti container shelter
  • 3-point locking



  • Kiosks without hatches
  • Lids according to waste type
  • Signs for household waste, packaging, glass and paper
  • Step in front of the hatches
  • Automatic fire extinguisher

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Francioli’s bin shelters optimize waste collection by centralizing waste in a single location and protecting it.

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