Why should you install concrete planters in public spaces?

23 nov 2022

The concrete planter has become an essential piece of street furniture in the eyes of public authorities. Very helpful for bringing towns into bloom, concrete planters also offer features that make it much easier to create green spaces and to maintain them.

Why should you install concrete planters in public spaces?

Flowers: a challenge for local authorities

Green spaces are the lungs of any community. They help to improve quality of life for residents (and tourists) while enhancing the attractiveness of the town.
These types of areas have grown in importance over the years, to such an extent that many agglomerations compete every year for the coveted ""Villes et Villages Fleuris"" (Flowering Towns and Villages) label.


Beautifying your community

Embellishing a community with flowers and green spaces can have a major impact on its image. Both the local population and tourists will view your town differently depending on whether or not it has flowers.

To improve your community's image and aesthetics, it is essential to maintain concrete planters and green spaces (parks, gardens, roundabouts). A highly polished image can only be a benefit for the town council.

Improving living standards

Quality of life is one of the most important issues facing any community. It represents all aspects of the quality of the environment from every angle: urban planning, aesthetics, cleanliness, nature.

Flowers and green spaces are essential elements in guaranteeing good quality of life for residents in that they improve both the aesthetics and nature aspects of a community. A town in bloom also enhances the well-being of its residents by boosting positivity.

Improving attractiveness

A municipality's attractiveness is closely linked to the environment it offers. In order to attract new businesses and develop the local economic fabric, local authorities need to be able to offer future employees (and potential residents) a good quality of life.

To achieve this, the town needs to install high-quality street furniture and to provide a range of natural or flowered spaces using units such as concrete planters.

Thinking environmentally

Planting flowers and maintaining parks and gardens and other natural areas are all part of an environmental approach to preserving biodiversity.

In 2021, every community is facing environmental issues and has a duty to take action to benefit the planet.

Planters: flowers in concrete surroundings

When we think of a green space or a city in bloom, we often imagine a park or garden with a variety of trees and plants of all kinds.

However, flowers and other plants are not only planted in specific areas. They can also be found in city centres and in public squares.

Plants can be planted in concrete planters all around town centres. These units resemble giant pots and can bring colour and biodiversity to the urban landscape.

Made from concrete, our planters blend in perfectly with city life while harmonising with other outdoor furnishings.

Concrete planters are particularly weather-resistant, so your town centres can stay in bloom at any time of year.

Our range of concrete planters

As practical and useful as they are aesthetically pleasing, Francioli concrete planters are an easy way to add flowers to an urban area.

We offer a wide range of public planters to meet the needs of every town council.

Round and square planters

These planters are in the form of round and square pots of varying depths, depending on the plants you want to put in them. A number of designs are available depending on your landscaping needs and the aesthetics of the surrounding street furniture.

Oval and rectangular planters

Longer in width than the planters shown above, these are ideal for larger spaces. They have a larger footprint and enable a greater number of flowers to be planted.


“Orange tree box” planters

These atypical concrete planters are shaped like traditional orange tree boxes. They are particularly popular for interior courtyards, in front of town hall façades and in public squares.

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