Hexagonal single-piece concrete fountain


  • Sanded faces
  • Recessed mouldings
  • Polished coping
  • Fully assembled and tested at the factory with sealing base.
  • Optional indoor version
  • Hexagonal single-piece fountain (6 sides), 3m from point to point, 3.3 tonnes

Optional version

  • Square chamfered column, sanded face: base 55 x 47 cm; body 40.5 x 156 cm in height, topped with diamond-tip capital x 7 cm
  • 4 goose-neck water outlets
  • weight 1 tonne.
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Category: Fountains, water fountains

Fountains, water fountains
Decorative, restful and relaxing, fountains are often used to calm urban spaces. In addition to th…
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