Our achievements

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Signing for the Historical Centre of LYON

New signs to bring heritage to life

While Lyon is celebrating 15 years as a UNESCO world heritage site, the City of Lyon has deployed heritage sign to improve orientation and information.

Around the listed perimeter (Presqu’île, Vieux Lyon and Fourvière), visitors and tourists now have 3 types of aids during their visit:

11 guide tables: these show their geographical location within the town and list the notable sites within the UNESCO perimeter.
Smartphones which are equipped with NFC contact-less technology can pick up the information, or a QR code can be scanned to give the visitor their location and allow them to access heritage information, currently being developed by the Gadagne Museums.
Guide tables will be installed between now and the middle of January 2013.
68 guide terminals: these are located at key intersections, they indicate the cardinal points and guide visitors from one neighbourhood to another.
45 marked pavements: bronze plaques mark out the visitor’s route and are combined with red engravings on the pavement, showing the direction to be taken.

These are integrated into the urban landscape through their design and the Lyonnaise colour palette used.


Secure shopping centre access

Installation of spheres made from pink sanded concrete to secure pedestrian access to shopping centres

Renovation of motorway rest areas

Toilet facility comprising 6 cabins.

Made from architectonic concrete, these cabins provide maximum comfort and equipment

Custom furniture for the city of Nîmes

Creation of customized urban benches in the shape of a wave for the French city of Nîmes.

Made to measure by Francioli ART.

Custom benches for a shopping mall

Francioli ART realized these made to measure benches and kiosks respecting the spirit and the colors of the shopping center.