Crane truck collection

Large capacity, connected containers for waste collection by lorry-mounted crane

This waste collection technique made its appearance some twenty years ago and meets a large number of problems encountered by operators in the collection chain:

  • Eliminate unsightly wheeled bins from the urban space
  • Eliminate the tedious task of bringing the bins into and out of the public space
  • Reduce the risks of occupational accidents for the waste collection personnel
  • Streamline the management, time and costs of waste collection
  • Offer huge storage capacities, especially for waste sorting.

Offering latest-generation materials, unrivalled safety levels and a wide choice of finishes to blend into the installation environment and the identity of each municipality, the BIHR BOX® range is today connected for remote use management, scheduling collection rounds and triggering requests for maintenance.

The underground, above-ground and semi-underground containers have been designed to deal with all installation and potential upgradeability situations.

All products

Robustness and durability

  • Concrete lining resistant to chemical attacks
  • Magnélis® steel waste tank, ten times stronger than galvanised steel
  • Fire resistance: rating M0
  • Designed to prevent rainwater ingress

Respect for the neighborhood

  • Sound nuisance dampers built into the bottom of the tank
  • Liquid retention tanks at the bottom of the waste tank preventing smells

Intuitiveness and accessiblity to all

  • Shapes and positioning of holes appropriate for people with reduced mobility
  • Engraving at the corners to orientate users
  • Wide area for sorting instructions

Operation made easier

  • Smooth, obstacle-free waste tank walls for total emptying
  • Holes can be locked with a key
  • Hatch opening mechanism on the waste tank located on the outside of the tank for optimised maintenance

Embedded Intelligence

Offered as an option, this equipment helps operators and users in managing collections in the best possible way:

  • Access control
  • Incentive charge
  • Level controlled by probe
  • Extranet park manager